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Becoming a Bestselling Author

Publishing couple promoting becoming a bestselling authorBecoming a bestselling author
…what does it take?

Does anyone
really know?

If so,
what’s the formula???

What can you do to increase your odds of appearing
on a bestseller list? Are the “rules” the same for authors
of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books?

Are some categories hotter than others?
And, are there common mistakes
that you should avoid?

Those are big questions…

Becoming a bestselling author?
Here’s my short list of actions steps
that you need to take to make it happen.

But first, click here if you haven’t already read
part one of this 6-part article series about
How to Become a Bestselling Author.

* * *

Becoming a Bestselling Author – Step 1
Decide To Create A Bestselling Book

I know it might seem obvious or simple, but it’s not. That’s why so many aspiring authors fail. Don’t fall into that trap.

You have to go really big in your mind. Delusions of grandeur big. Egomaniacal big. You have to acknowledge and honor your genius by believing in yourself—big time. No one else is going to do it for you. No one else can. It has to come from you. Otherwise becoming a bestselling author is impossible. You’ll be finished before you begin.

Authors love it when I tell them that getting published isn’t luck, it’s a decision. One reason authors latch on to this statement is that everyone else in publishing is constantly telling them how hard it is to get published. Another reason is that talented authors know, deep down, they’re good enough (remember that healthy ego thing I talked about a second ago?).

Are you a confident author?

Or, working on it?

Are you convinced that all you need is the right people to read your work? And that, if they do read it, they’ll love it and want to help you on your journey of becoming a bestselling author?

If so, you’re off to a good start.

Either way, if you want to write a bestseller you have to make the leap from wanting it… to deciding to do it.

Go big, or go nowhere.

Now, the next thing
you have to do is…

* * *

Becoming a Bestselling Author – Step 2
Get More Educated

For most authors this step is harder to accept because it’s not just about mindset. You can’t just tell yourself you’re doing it (when you’re not) because it takes time and patience and humility to get educated.

In addition, publishing is harder to get educated about (compared to many other industries) because you have to become knowledgeable about your craft AND the publishing business. You’ll also have to become knowledgeable about, and improve, your “Author Platform” (if you don’t know what that is, it simply means your ability and willingness to get your book in front of lots of people who might want to buy it).

The trick to becoming more educated as an author is simply learning to love the process of learning.

I know it doesn’t sound sexy.


Once you realize and/or admit there’s no way to skip learning process, it’s easier to accept. In fact, it can even become fun.


* * *

Now that you know what becoming a bestselling author is really about… and  you’re ready to get more educated about the publishing industry… I’m going to explain the three different areas you need to get more educated about.


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