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Bestselling Authors

Photo of Bestselling Authors - Bestselling Author ListsFind bestselling authors for all your favorite book categories here, with our complete collection of author bestseller lists. This section of our website is in development but come back soon to find the most up-to-date information for every bestselling author list. In the meantime, take advantage of the other resources on our website.

For example:

  • Click here to read our article series about How to Become a Bestselling Author. This multi-part training guide provides a definition for what a bestselling author really is. It also explains what becoming a bestselling author requires.
  • Click here to check out our Bestselling Author Blog. This blog about bestselling authors includes interviews of bestselling authors. It also features websites and blogs of bestselling authors. It contains advice about how to be a bestselling author. And it has success stories about bestselling authors that reveal even more insider tips and a bit of encouragement and inspiration.
  • Click here to discover the three different ways you can get 1-on-1 support from The Bestselling Author™ founder, Mark Malatesta, and have him be your Bestselling Author Coach™. Did you know that you can ask Mark questions online about how to become a bestselling author? You can also sign up for introductory 1-on-1 coaching call and/or sign up for longer-term coaching programs to help you become a bestselling author.
  • Click here to check out our other Author Resources. You’ll find information about all our other websites. You’ll discover how to get access to our complete audio training library. And you’ll find out how to listen to our radio show.

This bestselling authors website was created by Mark Malatesta, a former publishing executive who was a literary agency owner and President for five years, and the Marketing & Licensing manager for a well-known publisher for several years.

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Bestselling Authors – Current

In the near future we’ll be posting lists of
bestselling authors in these categories:

  • New York Times Bestselling Authors
  • Current Bestselling Authors
  • Top 10 Bestselling Authors

* * *

Bestselling Authors – By Category

In the coming weeks we’ll also be posting information
about bestselling authors in the categories:

  • Bestselling American Authors
  • Bestselling Black Authors
  • Bestselling Christian Authors
  • Bestselling Female Authors
  • Bestselling Fiction Authors
  • Bestselling Mystery Authors
  • Bestselling Romance Authors
  • Bestselling Suspense Authors
  • Bestselling Thriller Authors

* * *

Bestselling Authors – Past

Lastly, we’ll be posting information about
bestselling authors in these categories as well:

  • Bestselling Authors of All Time
  • Bestselling Author of All Time
  • Bestselling Authors 2013
  • Bestselling Authors 2012
  • Bestselling Authors 2011
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