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If you’re a writer, you probably have a file (or a few) where you save interesting things: facts and trivia, inspiration, and ideas that (in one way or another) will impact your writing. I’m no different, and this weekend I realized that I had seven articles I’d saved for you… but never shared with you.

So scroll below, and enjoy!

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The World’s Biggest Book?

At 13 pounds, it weighs more than a bowling ball. The word count? More than a million words. What is it, and is there a publisher on the planet that would publish it?

Click here to find out…

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JK Rowling Rejection Letters

You know that everyone gets rejections letters, but seeing some of the brush-offs from publishers that JK Rowling received might inspire you to stick with it.

Click here to see the rejection letters…

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Are You Too Old to Publish?

Julia Child didn’t release her first cookbook until she was 50, but that’s nothing. I’ve helped clients in their 80s get the attention of agents–and my oldest author coaching client is 95.  Want to see other famous people who didn’t get their “big break” until they were older?

Click here to read about old people getting their big breaks…

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A Perfect Soundproof Room for Writing

If you live in a noisy city and you can’t write because you can’t concentrate, maybe you can take drastic measures like this author—and create a soundproof room.

Click here to enter the silence…

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Are There Really Just Six (6) Possible Storylines?

According to one professor, who analysed 40,000 novels, there are just six possible storylines when it comes to writing fiction. What do you think?

Click here to see if you agree…

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Who Were the Highest Paid Authors of 2016 In Your Genre?

Money isn’t everything–but it’s still fun to see which authors are making the most money and reaching the most people with their work. This list from Forbes reveals total earnings including TV and film adaptations, not just book sales.

Click here to see if your favorite author is on the list…

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How Can You Stay Positive As a Writer?

Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to keep the faith when people like me say that getting published isn’t luck… it’s a decision? Read this article by a woman who will help inspire you to keep believing, and keep going.

Click here to get inspired…

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Become a More Successful Author

Getting published isn’t luck, it’s a decision. Becoming a bestselling author isn’t luck, either (Okay, maybe a little bit). But there’s a lot you can do to increase your odds. Take the next step right now and click here to become a member of our online community (it’s free). If you’ve already done that, post a question for me below about the best way to write, publish, or promote your book. And, lastly, if you haven’t already done so, click here now to find out how you can get support to get a top literary agent, publisher, and book deal.

All my best,

– Mark

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