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Hi, my name is Mark Malatesta. I’ve worked at the highest levels in publishing, helping authors and publishers with my book marketing ideas and strategies. First, as a Marketing & Licensing manager for a large publisher…. and, second, as a NY Times bestselling literary agent. As a book agent, I secured contracts with publishers like Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s, Hyperion, Prentice-Hall, Workman, Andrews-McMeel, Entrepreneur, Barron’s, Amacom, and many more… resulting in millions of books being sold.

My work in publishing has resulted in authors having their works picked up for TV, stage, and feature film (with companies like Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks). My authors have gotten 6-figure advances, appeared on the NY Times bestseller list, been licensed in more than 30 countries, and received dozens of national/international awards and honors.

I genuinely love coming up with free book marketing ideas to help authors promote and/or develop their books. That’s why I have this free book marketing area on my website. All you have to do is scroll below now to post a question. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your book, and helping your achieve your publishing goals.

So post your questions below now,

Mark Malatesta
Book Marketing Coach


Free Book Marketing
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  1. I have written several books, a whole series in fact, & would like to have it published. I was offered a publishing contract but they wanted me to pay close to $5,000 up front to get it published and there is no way I could have ever done that. I am a preschool teacher still paying off student loans and I have a son I need to care for. Real publishing companies keep telling me I need a literary agent to submit my book for me but I don’t know what to do or how to get one.


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